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Welcome Reception: Wild Boar and Beer Evening

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MONDAY, JUNE 19, 2017

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Registration and Hot Breakfast

Welcome & Greetings

Session 1: Export--A Platform for Your Business Growth 

In this session you will learn from those who have made the jump to export their products and services beyond the region. Why did they do it? What did they learn? And how can you avoid the same mistakes they may have made along the way? You will build your understanding of export markets and ignite your imagination to possibilities and opportunities in international trade.

Global Perspectives: Opportunities Through Human Relationships
      - Hooman Hosseinkhannazer, Director of Business Development, Norcada

Building a Base: Getting Ready to Explore Export Markets
      - To Be Announced

Growing Into International Markets
      - Jerry Bigam, President & CEO, Kinnikinnick Foods

Lifting Sales: Export and Thrive
       - Calvin Austrom, Operations / Production Manager, Ram Manufacturing

Both Feet In: Making the Jump to Export
       - To Be Announced

Networking Break

Session 2: Export is a Team Sport

In this session you will learn who can help you get actionable insights on market trends and international opportunities that can help you decide where to direct your focus. You will also learn about who can help you make valuable connections once you get there, and who can help you reduce risk with financing tools, such as insurance for your receivables. You will also learn about accessing funding programs that can help make the face-to-face connections you need to support your export actions.

Your In-Market (Soft) Landing Pad: The Alberta Offices
       - Government of Alberta, Alberta Trade Office

Global Intelligence and Support: The Federal Trade Commissioner Service
      - Trade Commissioner Service

Edmonton Economic Development Corporation Trade Program
--Researching New Markets
      - To Be Announced

Mitigating Trade Risk: Export Development Canada
      - Karen Shaw, District Manager - Prairies, Export Development Canada

Fueling Your Company's Trade Missions: The Alberta Export Enhancement Package
      - Alberta Economic Development & Trade

Networking Lunch

Session 3: In Transit: Behind the Scenes

In this session you will learn about the important behind the scenes work that takes place to get your stuff safely where it needs to get to. The presenters are people who make their living supporting exporters.

The Critical Connector: Transporting by Truck
      - Dan Duckering, President & CEO, Duckerings Transport

Cargo Panel - Lift: The Air Cargo Perspective on Trade
     - To Be Announced

Surface to Surface: Ocean Ports--Connecting Continents
To Be Announced

This End Up: The Roll of Packaging in Successful Shipping
Jeff Loesch, General Manager, Cratex

Bringing It All Together: Expediting and Supply Chain Logistics--A Northern Perspective
      - Brad Wells, VP Operations, BBE

Freight Forwarders Panel: Travel Agents For Your Stuff
      - To Be Announced

Networking Dinner: Reception-Style

Tuesday june 20, 2017

Hot Breakfast

Welcome Back & Day 1 Recap

Morning Keynote #1
      - To Be Announced

Session 4: To Trade is Human

In this session you will learn about the relationship tools and techniques you can use to help you build solid connections and relationships in your trade networks around the globe.

Trade is Human: Relationships and Culture in International Trade
      - To Be Announced

Localization: Cultural Alignment in Product Development
      - Daylin Breen, Manager, Trade & Investment,  Edmonton Economic Development Corporation

The Evolution of Supply Networks
      - Rob Eskens, VP Sales - Western Canada, Manitoulin Transport

Export Excellence: Rising to the Challenge of Being in 80 Countries at Once
      - Frank Burdzy, President & CEO, Champion Petfoods

Networking Break

Morning Keynote #2
      - To Be Announced


Networking Lunch

Hands-On Session

Session 5: Trade Trends: Preparing for the Possibilities

In this session you will discover the exciting (and sometimes frightening) possibilities coming our way through technology and policy--or both.

China: The E-commerce Giant is Already Here
To Be Announced

Innovation in Warehousing and Logistics
      - To Be Announced

Omni Channels: Blurring the Lines Between Digital and Brick & Mortar
      - Brian Martin, VP Sales & Marketing, K + N

Digital Trust: Blockchains and How They Will Change International Trade
- Brent Willett, Senior Manager Strategy & Operations, Deloitte

The Future of Free Trade Agreements
      - To Be Announced

Conference Closing

Growing Our Culture of Trade: A Call to Action
      - Glen Vanstone, Vice President, Trade & Investment, Edmonton Economic Development Corporation

7:30 - 8:30 a.m.

8:30 a.m.


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