Build a global marketplace for your product.

Taking your product into new markets requires information, resources and planning to ensure your product has enough consumer demand and that you’re structured to meet that additional demand.

Export Readiness for Europe

Fall/Winter 2015 


The launch of KLM Dutch Royal Airlines’ direct flight between Edmonton and Amsterdam, along with the pending Canada and European Union Comprehensive Economic and Trade Agreement (CETA), provides a unique opportunity for entry into the Netherlands, as well as other European markets.

Export Readiness for Amsterdam consists of focused workshops and an in-market excursion to help you understand how to adapt your product for the European market and to build industry contacts in the Netherlands.


Workshop: Insights on reaching beyond Alberta’s borders
September 21, 2015 | 9:00am - Noon

The Global Business Environment

  • Navigating international business ethics
  • Modifying business practices to accommodate international cultures and etiquette
  • The importance of market research
  • Sharing stories of international business endeavours

An International Logistics Supply Chain 

  • How to maximize your supply chain efficiency
  • Understanding cross border documents
  • How to meet international standards

Key Contacts in International Business 

  • Review the map of organizations/companies that offering international business services


Exchange: Amsterdam
October 4-8, 2015

Exchange is a platform to  foster long term relationships with cities around the world that operate from a set of shared values:

→ Entrepreneurial leadership + culture

→ Building smart, sustainable cities

→ Accelerating product import/export

The desired outcome is to facilitate an exchange of ideas, talent, products and culture.

For  local companies, Exchange: Amsterdam is also a guided opportunity to discover new product ideas, learn consumer habits, and establish key contacts in the Dutch market. Expand your footprint and get your product in front of a new consumer base in the Netherlands.


Workshop: Taking steps towards a global company
October 2015 | 9:00am - Noon

Product Adaptation for International Markets 

  • Politics, law, and regulatory information
  • Overview of companies that have failed and succeeded in international product adaptation

International Trade Finance 

  • Cash-flow management for seizing global opportunities
  • Financial risks with the international market
  • International financing options for SME’s

International Market Entry Strategies 

  • Ideal market entry opportunities
  • Determine agents and distributors for market entry
  • How to mitigate business risk

If you’re interested in exploring the European market, or want to learn more about getting your business ready for international expansion, get in touch.

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