International Trade Program

The global market landscape holds immeasurable growth potential for Edmonton markets, with the International Trade Program providing education, awareness and access to trade strategies.

The International Trade Program provides a core suite of services to Edmonton Region enterprises aimed at facilitating the flow of imports, exports and foreign direct investment; connecting trade service offerings across organizations; and incorporating a concrete international development strategy for the region.

As a member of the International Trade Program, you’ll have access to:

 Education and awareness sessions
These information sessions help you prepare your business for international expansion. Get insights on how to modify your product offering for new markets, create awareness around protecting your IP and product design, develop new marketing strategies and understand logistics challenges and how to address them.

→ In-market programs
Join us on group excursions to international markets and meet with trade professionals and key players in your industry. In-market trips help you understand your competition and can be valuable in developing your product’s unique selling proposition for a new market. It will also provide insight on cultural and regional nuances you should consider for your product category.

→ One-on-one consultations
Have direct access to trade professionals who can help you work through logistics, marketing and strategic challenges while you’re thinking about expansion. Our network includes members of trade associations and organizations at the local, regional and international level.

→ A peer network of Edmonton Region SMEs
Attend events to meet other companies facing similar business challenges, and leverage the collective experiences and resources available within the Edmonton Region. Build a network that can offer advice and support as you expand to new markets.

New market expansion is a strategy that will help Edmonton Region businesses diversify their revenue and reduce their vulnerability to changes in regional economies.

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